War . . . What’s It Good For?

By Dr. Bob Hanson* There is a conference coming up in September** that I would have liked to attend, but unfortunately, I have a conflict.  The sponsor is a relatively new group called World Beyond War. Many of the world’s leading anti-war leaders will be in... read more

Two Reasons for War

By Hank Stone* War famously being “hell,” why do we Americans do so much of it?  There are two big reasons we have wars.  Money, of course, is the obvious reason.  Our country spends about $1 trillion every year on wars and preparations for wars. Everyone who gets... read more

The Earth Federation

Introductory commentary to World Beyond War’s section 52 [The Earth Federation] – a white paper for “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War.” The Earth Federation rests upon the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, also known as the “Earth... read more

The Virtue of Being Impractical

By Byron Belitsos World federalists very often hear how impractical we are. The “realists” shout “Impossible!” when we propose a world under enforceable law. (As if a world in anarchy is practical.) “It’s too utopian!” they exclaim, when we advocate the abolition of... read more

The San Francisco Promise

By Bob Hanson DWF Board Member Last year the United Nations celebrated its seventieth anniversary. This documentary created just after the U.N.’s founding in 1945 in San Francisco provides a feeling for the hopefulness of those days. Since then, the UN has... read more

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