September 14, 2017

Dear friends and colleagues,

As you know, we are developing an International Conference featuring the Earth Constitution and Building the World Parliament under its authority, November 8, 9, and 10, 2017. The conference will be at Jindal Global University, in Haryana, near Delhi, India. Room and Board are supplied for all participants for 4 days and participants are responsible for their own transportation costs. Co-Sponsors: World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (WCPA) and Jindal Global University.

All participants should register with Dr. Glen T. Martin at [email protected] Participants are welcome who do not wish to present a paper. Proposal for papers due by September 30. Final draft of papers due by October 30. All presenters have 30 minutes. It is recommended that you leave 10 minutes for questions.

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Conference Goals: (1) Why is there an absolute need for the world to unite spiritually, conceptually, and politically? (2) What is the role of the Earth Constitution in uniting the world in these ways? (3) How does the structure and functioning of the Earth Constitution establish peace and justice on Earth? (4) Why is the Parliament necessary for world peace and justice? (4) What specific plans can we make to actualize the Parliament and Constitution? (6) How will the World Parliament promote the spiritual as well as political transformation of the Earth? (7) How will the World Parliament affect global education? (8) What measures can we take under the Earth Constitution to get rid of the lethal arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and the militarization of nation-states? What steps can we take to redirect the huge expenditure now deployed for military and police personnel towards human development? How will the Earth Constitution give us a world peace system, a world justice system, or a global sustainability system?

A suggested overview for presentations: In human civilization there has always been a dialectic between culture, values, and the structure of the world system. Value transformation, cultural transformation, and system transformation are all required for a real liberation of our human situation. As Swami Agnivesh says about today’s world system: it intrinsically promotes “the love of power rather than the power of love.” But often the “value revolution” people and the “peace culture” people tend to have it wrong, for they ignore the need for system transformation to democratic world government. Without system transformation, values and culture alone will not save us. On the other hand, promoting system transformation through the Earth Constitution will dialectically promote value and cultural transformation as well. It will also establish a global educational system that will promote peace culture and loving human values.

The Constitution, of course is a set of procedures by which people can make binding democratic decisions for our planet. It is not a work of philosophy, or a cultural statement, or a declaration of values, although, of course, it has such implications, especially in its Preamble. Many of the things we are concerned to write about, such as peace culture, spiritual awakening, or value transformation would and should be concerns for the World Parliament. They are not appropriate in the Constitution itself, but they should be legislative acts of the World Parliament that would involve policies, agencies, or legal initiatives by the World Government. Such ideas should not be part of the Constitution itself, whose job it is to empower the World Parliament to solve such questions and address such issues.

One thing those who wish to present papers might do would be to give an account of the cultural, spiritual, or moral ideas appropriate to peace or human liberation, and then present an argument as to why these ideas cannot be effectively or fully implemented without a World Parliament to sanction, legalize, and enforce them. This is perhaps the key element in any presentation: Do we want to preserve the environment? Explain what this means and why this cannot be done without the Earth Constitution. Do we want to end war? Explain what would mean and why it cannot be done without the Earth Constitution. Do we want to deal effectively with terrorism? Explain what this would mean and why it cannot be done without the Earth Constitution. Do we want to protect human rights? Explain why this cannot be done without the Earth Constitution. Do we want to protect the world’s cultural heritage? Explain why this cannot be done without the Earth Constitution. Do we want the proper values education for the world’s children and citizens? Explain why this cannot happen without the Earth Constitution. And do we want to end human slavery along with extreme poverty and misery? Explain what this would mean and why it cannot be done without the Earth Constitution.

The answer in every case is that the present world system (a militarized sovereign nation-state system interfaced with a global capitalism where private interest takes precedence over the common good) destroys the very possibility of successfully accomplishing each and every one of these things. Without a decent world system predicated on the common good, preserving the environment, ending war, protecting human rights, eliminating poverty, and preserving the world’s cultural heritage, accomplishing these goals is simply not possible.

Glen T. Martin, Ph.D. [contact at [email protected]] President, World Constitution & Parliament Association
Board member, Democratic World Federalists

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