One World Democracy: A Progressive Vision for Enforceable Global Law

Jerry Tetalman and Byron Belitsos (Origin Press, 2005) • 260 pages

A definitive account for our time of how humanity can abolish war by transforming the United Nations into an effective world democracy. One World Democracy presents the only viable long-term solution to today’s most urgent global problems: democratic world government and the rule of enforceable global law—a federation of all nations. After centuries of warfare, Europe has accomplished just such a transformation by outlawing war between the member states of the European Union. This book shows how to do the same thing at the global level through implementing the only time-tested solution to violence and injustice—law and democratic government. Humanity has a sovereign right to govern itself; read this book to find out how we can create a new social contract for the entire planet.

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One World Democracy book cover

“All who recognize that law is better than war will be enlightened and inspired by the authors’ clear articulation.”

Benjamin B. Ferencz, Prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials after WWII, renowned legal scholar, and coauthor of Planethood

“Required reading for today’s visionary political leaders and progressive activists.”

Tad Daley, J.D., Ph.D., Former Issues Director, Dennis Kucinich for President, National Policy Board, Progressive Democrats of America

“In the tradition of speaking truth to power, the authors have written a true and courageous book.”

—Joseph P. Baratta, Ph.D., Author of The Politics of World Federation