The fact that one person can potentially destroy the world is explained in the article by nuclear security expert and co-founder of Global Zero, Bruce Blair.  His vivid description of how the President of the US can launch a nuclear attack is chilling — think of a one to a fifteen-minute window, and then it is too late.

Global Zero and UNfold Zero are nongovernmental  organizations who believe that the danger from nuclear weapons is an ongoing emergency, and like Democratic World Federalists, have sprung into action.  DWF’s strategy aims to correct the flaws in the United Nations itself, defects in the UN Charter which allow wars, nuclear weapons, and global anarchy.

Global Zero has put together a “Nuclear Crisis Group”  which attempts to intervene in potential hot spots like North Korea, US/Russia NATO, and US-China.  Global Zero says it has  “300 visionary leaders and experts”  with a step by step plan to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2030. Their goal is to inspire enough public pressure to get world leaders to act on their plan.

UNfold Zero describes itself as being a “platform” for United Nations initiatives and actions to achieve a nuclear free world.   Their plan involves working within the present UN system — the UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council,  the UN Secretary General, and so on.

But if we are to obtain a nuclear free world and end war, world federalists believe that we must transform the UN itself, otherwise, cooperation and treaty agreements at the UN will ultimately prove to be inadequate.  Top thinkers like Einstein and Hawkins have agreed with the world federalists — that to succeed and bring the world to safety we will need a world government.

Unfortunately for the world community, the UN is not a world federal government.  The UN does not have adequate enforcement powers.  Powerful nations, especially the Security Council’s P-5 with the veto,  ignore the UN whenever it suits them.  Their leaders feel free to violate international law knowing that, thanks to the obsolete UN Charter,  they have impunity and are above the law.

Bully nations hide behind the mantra of  “national security” and “mutually assured destruction” (MAD!) in an obsessive compulsion to keep their beloved nukes.  They stubbornly insist upon their right to endanger the entire world.

A nuclear free world will require a “new UN”
Democratic World Federalists have launched THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE, a strategy to get the UN General Assembly to launch a review of the UN Charter.  A review was legally promised at the signing of the Charter in San Francisco but never carried out, a fact frustrating to the peace loving nations of the world tired of wars and the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Despite the recent Nuclear Weapons Ban passed at the UN, the US and the other nuclear powers are free to start a nuclear war, and the UN cannot stop them.  This is because at the global level there is no law and order, no global sheriff to ensure the peace.

Cooperation and treaties to eliminate nukes are a useful initial step, but history shows that treaty agreements are not strong enough to hold.    Although the important work being done by Global Zero and UNfold Zero deserve respect,  it is a disturbing fact that the UN lacks the tools needed to end war or to permanently eliminate weapons of mass destruction.

THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE launched by DWF must reach the public and the UN General Assembly.  A charter  review can open the door for a “new UN.”  World federalists know what’s wrong with the UN Charter.  The Constitution for the Federation of Earth is a model world charter/constitution available as a guide for a “new UN” to establish a world federal union government to replace the current geopolitical war system with a global peace system.

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.