People are working on a number of ways to bring about a World Federation.

There are four main paths that people have been travelling in an attempt to create a World Federation. Each attempt has its founders, unique history, organizations, and people currently working on it.In addition, there are several other movements (such as the World Citizens movement), that are not working specifically on world government, but are preparing and educating world citizens for its happening.

Also, catastrophic events such as wars, environmental disasters,and natural disasters often play a part in pushing the countries and regions of the world to work together.

Transform the United Nations

Transform the United Nations

Can fundamental changes in the UN lead to a World Federation?

The most commonly discussed path for creating a World Federation is through transforming the United Nations. This should come as little surprise since the primary goals of the UN are to promote a peaceful, just, and sustainable world — goals that are shared by supporters of World Federation.

Among UN reformers there are two main strategies for achieving a World Federation, those who seek a direct approach through a UN Charter Review and those who promote a more gradual approach, beginning with the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly.   Read more… Transform the United Nations

Integrate the Regions

Could different regional federations form first and then unite into a world federal government?

There are currently several regional alliances in different stages of development. The European Union is perhaps the best known, but others include the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the League of Arab States, the Organization of American States, and the Union of South American Nations. Some argue that the best path to a World Federation is to build strong regional federations first, then unite them on a global level. Read more… Integrate the Regions

Unite the Democracies

Unite the democracies

Can existing democratic nations join together to form a world federal government?

Some have proposed that a World Federation can be achieved by first uniting democratic nations around the globe. Over time, as non-democratic nations see the benefits, they will become more democratic and join the union. This would continue until a true World Federation is achieved, allowing a step-by-step, evolutionary process, following a similar strategy to that of Jean Monnet and his collaborators aiming towards European federation. Read more … Unite the Democracies

Create a World Constitution

Create a world constitution

For the first time in history all the people will have a voice

Establishing a democratic world federal government by means of a modern world constitution binds the nations and peoples of the world in a more cooperative and stable relationship than is provided by the United Nations Charter.

A modern world constitution means that for the first time in history “we, the people” would have a democratic voice in resolving world problems, there would be enforceable world law, and the new governing structure could provide the alternatives needed to resolve global problems peacefully. Read more… Create a World Constitution

Related Activities: Education, Raising Consciousness

Education-raising consciousness

Expanded educational programs, consciousness-raising, and improved self-awareness will reduce the psychological factors that cause irrational opposition to world union.

Education teaches what is needed to achieve a successful world federation, and explains constitutional principles. Cooperation rather than the law of the jungle is primary, as is enforceable world law as a peaceful alternative to war.

Consciousness-raising means understanding ourselves better through new awareness. Love of country expands to concern and care for the world — to world citizenship. Finding inner peace helps us… Read more… Education and Consciousness Raising

Wars & Disasters

Wars and disasters

Must world war or other disaster strike first before the world will unite?

There are many people who in their underlying despair believe that the world will never achieve peaceful union until the world first suffers an apocalyptic catastrophe, such as another world war. Others say that only an extremely dangerous threat or enemy to the world can motivate the nations and peoples into joining together in a world union.

These feelings of despair cause many people to fail to take constructive action, believing that there is nothing they, or anyone can do to save the world. Horrible disasters must occur first… Read more… Wars & Disasters