Alon Ben MeirBy Professor Alon Ben-Meir
Center for Global Affairs, New York University 

In the wake of the unimaginable horror of World War II, the international community committed itself to never allow such atrocities to take place again with impunity. But as was the case with the many tragic genocides that happened since then, including Bosnia and Rwanda, witnessing in real time the systematic destruction of a country and its people without enraging the human conscience is a shame with which every single head of state will have to live. Syria became nothing but a pawn in the hands of the merchants of death, the states and various extremist groups who mercilessly used Syrians’ lives to further their narrow political schemes. The fact that more than 300,000 Syrians have died, twice as many were injured, and more than 12 million became refugees or internally displaced did not seem to faze either Russia or Iran, who have provided unflinching support to the Assad regime. They continue to supply Assad’s killing machine . . . [read more]

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