Ending Mass Violence and Poverty in Our Time: Pathways to Creating a Peaceful and Thriving Planet

Ending Mass Violence and Poverty in Our Time: Pathways to Creating a Peaceful and Thriving Planet

Please join us on International World Peace Day

Hidden Structure of ViolenceMarc Pilisuk
Professor Emeritus Marc Pilisuk, PhD
Emcee: Professor Robert Flax, PhD
Panelists: Michael Nagler, PhD, Theopia Jackson, PhD, and others

6pm to 8:30pm, September 21
Saybrook University, 9th floor
475 14th St. (at Broadway), Oakland
A potluck (6 to 6:45pm), followed by a lecture and panel discussion

The event begins with the launch of Dr. Pilisuk’s penetrating new work, The Hidden Structure of Violence: Who Benefits from Global Violence and War (Monthly Review Press, July, 2015). Marc will speak on “The Violent Network: How It Operates, and How We Can Transform It.”

In response to Dr. Pilisuk’s talk, a panel representing distinguished peace innovators will be on hand to comment and address the question: how do we end the scourge of war and poverty?

6:00pm-6:45pm – Potluck & Networking Opportunity
6:45pm-8:15pm – Talk & Panel Discussion
8:15pm-8:30pm – Book-signing by Dr. Pilisuk

$10-$20 sliding scale donation; no one turned away

Close to 12th Street BART station / street parking

Cosponsored by the Democratic World Federalists and Saybrook University

“Abolish Nukes—Then Abolish War” Tad Daley Prepares the Way

“Abolish Nukes—Then Abolish War” Tad Daley Prepares the Way

Tad #2by Byron Belitsos
Managing Editor

The seventieth anniversary of Hiroshima provides a stark reminder that our world’s greatest short-term imperative is the elimination of nuclear weapons. And no other scholar has made a better case for their abolition than Tad Daley, Ph.D., former DWF board member and author of Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free World (Rutgers University Press, 2010). In addition, don’t miss this short video by Tad in which he addresses the question: “Can Abolishing Nuclear Weapons Lead to Abolishing War?” Daley’s book reminds us that four decades ago, upon its signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the U.S. formally committed to eliminating its entire nuclear arsenal. Yet to this day, the United States reserves the right to retain thousands of these weapons. Daley shows why this stance is militarily unnecessary, morally indefensible, and politically unsustainable. It is also inconsistent. We forbid others such as Iran from aspiring to possess even one nuclear weapon; but we collude with Israel—which refused to sign the NPT—in withholding formal acknowledgement that it possesses them. We urgently need to sweep aside this dangerous, patchwork regime, Tad argues. Apocalypse Never concludes with a call for a legally binding treaty that would replace the NPT, among other proposals.

Tad now directs the Project on Abolishing War at the Center for War/Peace Studies in New York. This position allows him to espouse a world-federalist framework for global solutions, which we know he holds dear in his heart. Tad’s next book will cover our favorite idea, abolishing war through creation of a “world republic,” as explained at this link. One of the best ways to get started in creating such a world union is to implement his strategy now for the abolition of nuclear weapons.


NOTE: The Democratic World Federalists are committed to expressing a wide range of views on the vision of creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world through a democratic World Federation. The views expressed in this article represents that commitment and not necessarily our official position.