The First Decade of World Federalism

The First Decade of World Federalism

This helpful article provides an important window on the earliest days of our movement. For those who want to read a comprehensive history of the U.S. wing of the movement, a book entitled One Shining Moment by Gilbert Jonas is a place to start. It is well known that Albert Einstein was a key supporter in this early period. In the image below, Cord Meyer Jr., president of United World Federalists—a large federalist citizen’s organization during the first decade—visits with Einstein.  – Editor

The First Decade of World Federalism 
by Jean-Francis Billion

Cord_Meyer visiting_Albert_EinsteinThe decade from 1945 to 1954 is fundamental for the study of world federalism. This was its golden period, the decade which saw the popular and spectacular activities of Garry Davis; it likewise saw t
he development, but also the failure, of the two strategies which had received the most numerous and militant support: that, first of all, of the Peoples’ World Convention (PWC), and, subsequently, that of reforming the UN Charter. The serious crisis which hit the world federalist movement in 1955 undermined numerous organizations and publications. This period began with the end of the Second World War, with the first use of atomic weapons, with the creation of the UN in June 1945 and with the birth of the World Movement for World Federal Government (WMWFG) … [read more]


NOTE: The Democratic World Federalists are committed to expressing a wide range of views on the vision of creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world through a democratic World Federation. The views expressed in this article represents that commitment and not necessarily our official position.


Students in India march for world government

Students in India march for world government


Judges confer in India

From December 9-13, 2011 more than 100 judges worldwide met for the 12th Conference of Chief Justices of the World, sponsored by Jagdish Gandhi’s City Montessori School in Lucknow, India. The school has over 20,000 students at all grade levels.

Mr. Gandhi, who heads the school, is a powerful advocate for world government. His educational philosophy lays heavy emphasis on students learning to be world citizens and advocates for a world union.

During the Conference a large number of the students enthusiastically joined in a huge march calling for world peace and world government.

Significant participation from DWF board members

glen_martinThe Conference included opportunities for Dr. Glen Martin to promote the Earth Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement. Professor Martin is a leading expert and advocate for EFM and has worked closely with Jagdish Gandhi. Martin was elected to the Board of Directors of Democratic World Federalists in the spring of 2012.

shahriar_shareiDWF board member Shahriar Sharei was successful in getting the Chief Justices to pass a resolution urging the United Nations to convene a review of the UN Charter as stipulated in Article 109. A review is legally required, but has never been conducted by the UN. The Charter is seen by world federalists as obsolete — hence rending the UN inadequate to cope with the global crises facing our world.

bob_flaxAnother DWF Board member, Dr. Bob Flax, gave a very successful lecture on world federation at one of the discussion sessions held parallel to the meetings of the Chief Justices. Dr. Flax’s presentation was extremely popular with the students — a very encouraging development for the future.