My Country is EarthIntroductory commentary to World Beyond War’s section 52 [The Earth Federation] – a white paper for “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War.”

The Earth Federation rests upon the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, also known as the “Earth Constitution.”  Drafted by the World Constitution and Parliament Association, this constitution addresses the fact that the nation-states are stuck in a geopolitical war system which now endangers the entire world.   

A key issue is the United Nations Charter with fatal flaws that prevent the UN from ending war.  Besides being undemocratic, the Charter lacks enforceable world law. Leaders of Bully nations responsible for world crimes are never punished.  Because of sovereignty, they are above the law.  

Earth Federation activists seek to popularize the Earth Constitution while calling for UN Charter review.  Adoption of the Earth Constitution would set the stage for a world federal union and a “new UN,” or Earth Federation equipped with a well-designed World Judiciary system which includes a World Ombudsmus office to help insure Good Government.  All weapons of mass destruction would be eliminated.  War is outlawed. – Roger Kotila, Ph.D., editor, Earth Federation News & Views

Read World Beyond War’s The Earth Federation HERE.


NOTE: The Democratic World Federalists are committed to expressing a wide range of views on the vision of creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world through a democratic World Federation. The views expressed in this article represents that commitment and not necessarily our official position.