What is World Federation?

It’s a global government, elected by the people of the world, with local problems solved locally,
national problems solved nationally, and global problems solved globally.

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A World Federation is built on the principles of Democracy, a Republic, a Secular, and a Federal system. Together they support a worldwide structure that can tackle today’s most pressing problems.

column democracyDemocracy

Democracy means government by and for the people.

In a democracy, citizens have a voice in the affairs of their government through a variety of means, such as free and fair elections. Laws and other decisions are made by majority vote.

The citizenry holds supreme power.

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column republicRepublic

Voting rights and elected representatives mark a government as a republic.

A “republic” refers to a form of government in which supreme power is held by its citizens and exercised by elected officers and representatives who govern according to law.

Calling it a republican form of government emphasizes that the world government must be representative of the citizens — not ruled by a dictator, monarch, oligarchs, aristocrats, or theocrats.

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column secularSecular

A global government must be secular in order to avoid domination by religion.

There are over 4,000 world religions as well as atheists and agnostics. A secular government can help eliminate the pitfalls of religious extremism, and allow religious communities to flourish peacefully without interfering with the rights of others or causing clashes of ideology which break out into war.

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column federalFederal

Federal means all nations are joined together by a central global government while still maintaining their national governments.

The Federal principle allows nations to join together in a central global government while still maintaining their national governments.

Global problems require global solutions. Critical world problems cannot be resolved by the nations acting as sovereigns in competition with one another. The nations and people must unite. But how? A federation has proven to be a successful way to unite while maintaining local diversity.

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