by Bob Neumann
DWF Secretary

King used the idea,
Gandhi’s old idea.
Fight with non-violence.
Push for a clear, simple change,
very hard
without violence
with high purpose.
Discipline the peace warriors,
Train them in “Sit In” non-violence.
Singing and love are just
much more powerful than bullets,
just maybe — some of the time.
The Civil Rights movement worked.
The color revolutions sorta worked.
Dozens of non-violent revolutions
like the Velvet Revolution
have worked well.
Solve problems civilly
with peace warriors — trained,
with mass uprisings,
Instead of guns,
without guns.

Just a tad more civilized!
Voting with our precious time & tired feet,
sorta “direct,” disciplined, democracy —
a head and heart vote
outside the ballot box.
Not as good or democratic as the ballot box,
but too often excruciatingly necessary.
Could this be the world’s peaceful
path to world government?