By Byron BelitsosAfrican-Union-1

The latest updates from our friends at the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is encouraging for all who favor world democracy. The first piece of good news is that on May 13, the continental parliament of Africa (known as the Pan-African Parliament)—led by its president, Nkodo Dang of Cameroon—formally called on the African Union and Africa’s governments to support the creation of a UNPA. Related good news also comes out of Germany. A motion passed by the governing coalition of the German parliament calls on Angela Merkel’s government “to examine the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.” Plus, there’s more strong support out of Europe: The EU’s own foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, gave strong support to a UN Parliamentary Assembly in a speech in Rome at an EU diplomatic event. “UN Parliamentary Assembly could strengthen the link between a system of global governance, which is remote by definition, and a citizenship that includes a global dimension,” said Mogherini. It is well worth noting in addition that late last year over 1,400 current and former lawmakers from more than one hundred countries and hundreds of renowned personalities from politics, science and genuine canadian pharmacy , cultural life and civil society signed an international appeal urging the United Nations and its member states “to establish a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations.” The appeal and the list of signatories was presented to the President of the 70th UN General Assembly, Mogens Lykketoft, by Andreas Bummel, founder of the UNPA.


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